• Wisconsin Student Summit: “This matters to us, and it matters now”

    Student supporters rallied together at the University of Wisconsin - Madison on Wednesday for the Greater Together Student Summit. Like the other summits taking place at colleges and universities across the country, the event was a chance for students to strategize ways to turn out the vote on campus. In Wisconsin, students are putting together their own special brand of dorm-to-dorm organizing, with some impressive leaders at the helm.

    Check out some photos and a few quotes from organizers at the event, and stay tuned for more updates from the summits across the country:

    “Events like these are so important to us. This is the way the campaign organizes: every single connection we make to a voter or supporter matters. And for students, we just need to be heard. This is what it’s all about.”
    —Jocelyn, student and Obama organizing fellow

    “President Obama is a politician who doesn’t just talk about caring about students—he actually does care, and fights for policies that help us. He cares about making education a priority for all of us, making sure we have good jobs and good health care after we graduate. This matters to us, and it matters now.”
    —Noah, student

    “We’re going to do the same thing we did in 2008 in 2012. But it’s not going to happen because people want it to happen; it’s going to happen because people came here today as a launching pad for the organization we are building in colleges and universities across the state of Wisconsin and across the country.”
    —Jeremy Bird, National Field Director