• “With Liberty and Justice for All”

    Steve Rubio

    May 10, 2012: Just one day after Barack Obama expressed his historic support for gay marriage, thousands gathered outside Seattle’s Paramount Theater for a campaign fundraiser. Among the crowd was Steve, a Washington United for Marriage volunteer and avid Obama supporter.

    The President’s support of marriage equality, Steve said, was more than a symbolic gesture. “For me, it was being validated as a human being.” “When he came out [in support of marriage equality] and I realized, politically it may not be the most advantageous thing for him to do, but the integrity of the man I voted for came through and that was the most important thing.”

    President Obama has done much for the LGBT community. From repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, to announcing the Justice Department would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, to casting his support behind marriage equality, this President has been a champion of civil equality for all. “[He’s] everything I was taught that a president should be,” Steve said: “someone that you believe is intelligent, is honorable, is a good family-man, has a warm smile, is really compassionate, who cares about his citizenry – for me, that’s why I’m in for 2012.”

    Not only that, but “without the President’s support, I feel it would be another five years before we would get the attention that has been drawn to [the LGBT community and marriage equality].”

    During our discussion, Steve recalled the final words of the Pledge of Allegiance, said by millions of Americans every day across the nation: with liberty and justice for all.

    “To me, that’s pretty finite. I don’t think there’s a lot of gray area there. That’s the country I believe in and that’s the country I still believe in and that’s why I want Obama to win; because I think he’ll continue my belief."

    To find out what else the President has done for the LGBT community, including the implementation of the Matthew Sheppard Act, which brought nation-wide attention to the issue of anti-gay bullying, click here. You can also join Steve in his fight to reelect a President who fights for liberty and justice for all, sign-up to volunteer with a neighborhood team today.