• We've Made It


    We’ve made it.

    After countless days of campaigning and far too little sleep, we’ve reached the end. The polls have now closed and I’m confident in the outcome. But whatever happens tonight, we should be proud of what we’ve accomplished.

    Barack Obama is a president whose resolve has never wavered, whose commitment to the American people remains steadfast, and whose accomplishments speak for themselves. Barack Obama is a president I can, and do, admire, one that I am proud to have campaigned for.

    It’s hard to believe I’ve spent nine months on the campaign trail, nine months listening to you, recounting your deeds, and telling your stories. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that we are the everyday men and women of America and every one of us has a story to tell.

    By the end of tonight, we’ll have done more than put a man into office, we’ll have built a community and created a movement. The connections forged along the way will remain, the dedication of volunteers will continue to drive elections, and, together, we will surely change the world.

    That’s the true power of this campaign. Beyond the money and the speeches, the debates and the advertisements are the people. That’s what this campaign’s really been about – you, me, every one of us who has taken the initiative and become the change we wish to see. Your stories and your efforts will make the difference.

    That’s the reason this blog exists, to capture the story of a teacher driven to action after receiving a letter from her insurer telling her she was nearing her lifetime limit; to show why a working mother of five sacrifices her sleep to make sure her children grow up in a world where difference is celebrated and everyone is given an equal shot. This blog is for you, and it tells your story.

    It tells the story of us.

    There are no words I can add, no sentences I can construct, no paragraphs I can devise that will inspire you to take action. You are the inspiration. You are the source of action.

    And so I thank you. I thank you for your work. I thank you for your belief. I thank you for making this a campaign we can be proud of; a campaign for the people, by the people, and of the people; a campaign that will live on in our minds and in our deeds.

    I thank you for seeing this through with me.

    We’ve come too far to turn back now.

    And we won’t.

    For, peaking over the horizon, are four more years.