• Time to Make Him Proud

    President Obama with daughter Malia

    Pres. Obama gave an articulate, moving, and powerful speech Thursday night at the Convention, when he accepted the nomination. As always, he captivated my attention, and made me think deeper about where our nation is going, and what we can still accomplish. What was different for me this time, though, was the sense of gratitude I felt for what he has done for us so far.

    I want to make him proud of us, the way I am so very proud of him.

    This is a very talented man who could have used his gifts to make himself a wealthy guy with the leisurely life of the privileged. But he didn’t. Instead, he dedicated himself to service for us.

    “The truth gets buried under an avalanche of money,” Pres. Obama said of his first term. Indeed, when recited in chronological order, his list of accomplishments is astonishing, yet has been widely dismissed by many because of the GOP onslaught of negative campaigning and their distorted versions of reality fed to the media.

    But now it is time to shake off the inertia of partisanship, and look reality square in the face. There is much work to be done to strengthen our economy, improve our education and health care systems, and provide hope for those of us with the least. There is simply no more time for drama.

    “My fellow citizens, you were the change,” Pres. Obama said of his first term. When he said this, I felt a chill up my spine. This was what he meant by “Change” all along.

    The president’s speech renewed my commitment to volunteering for Organizing for America. Rather than take a hike tomorrow, I’m going to walk the neighborhoods in my community, gathering support for our president. The hiking trails will still be there next year, and if we all do our part to help our president get reelected, so will his presidency.

    Get involved, and find an event near you.