• Reflecting Our Values - Debate Recap


    Volunteers and supporters joined together at presidential debate watch parties around the state Wednesday night. Crowds collected at 5:30pm to listen to field organizers, sign up for volunteer shifts, and talk with like-minded people. When President Obama and Governor Romney took the stage, rooms were filled with anticipation.

    For an hour and a half, watchers were hushed, save for brief eruptions of laughter when Obama applied his sharp humor to a response. There were gasps of frustration and muttering of facts from the crowds in reaction to Romney. Heads shook in disbelief at many of the governor’s lies, and nodded in agreement with our president’s points.

    One watcher explained how she judged the debate by studying body language. Both of her parents were hearing-impaired, she said, and so growing up she learned from them how to carefully study expressions. In real time, she narrated the body language of the candidates, pointing out Romney’s grimacing and Obama’s calmness. Another viewer said Obama looked like a boxer holding his punch, waiting for the right moment.

    Viewers noted there were no knockout punches Wednesdaynight, however, the candidates made it clearer than ever the differences between them. After the debate was over, volunteers hung around for over half an hour, discussing what they’d seen and signing-up for canvassing shifts this weekend.

    As crowds thinned out, there was a strong sense of confidence in Obama’s thoughtfulness and good judgment. Our president’s statements reflected the voters’ values.

    Did you know? There are only a few days left until the October 8th voter registration deadline. If you or a friend have not yet registered to vote since yesterdays debate, make sure you visit gottaregister.com and register today to make sure we keep President Obama in office for four more years