• Recapping the Convention in 50 Photos - Part Three

    Remember the first day of the Convention? Julian Castro’s historic keynote address, Kal Penn’s four-letter word to young Americans, Michelle Obama’s heart-felt speech...

    We do, and we remember how fired up it got us.

    “If we want to give [our children] that sense of limitless possibility,” the First Lady said, “then we must work like never before. We must once again come together and stand together with the man we can trust to move this country forward - my husband, our President, President Barack Obama!”

    The Convention was great, and its speeches like Michelle Obama’s that get us fired up and ready to go, but we know it’s not the words of a few speakers that will determine this election; it’s the hard work by people like you.

    It’s work like organizing nearly 8,000 grassroots events in the days following the Convention and the over 15,000 calls made recently by one team that will win this election.

    So, from the President on down, we thank you for all that you do.

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