• Planting the Blue Flag in Eastern Washington - Chris OFA-WA Field Organizer

    Chris F. OFA

    At the age of 12, fired up by a keen interest in politics, Chris knocked on the first door of his first campaign. The excitement of that first effort led to his new role as an Organizing for America Field Organizer in Eastern Washington.

    Chris first became aware of Barack Obama when he heard him deliver the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Intrigued and excited by Obama’s message, Chris pitched in for the 2008 campaign and became a delegate to the state convention. At the age of 20, he was elected a Precinct Committee Officer, serving as representative to his localDemocratic Party organization.

    Chris was hired in May, on the day President Obama expressed his support for marriage equality, a key issue for Chris.

    “[I’m] honored to work for a president who believes that a strong middle class is key to a strong economy and who pushed for the Affordable Care Act, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and the Equal Pay for Women Act. In fact, there are countless reasons I feel honored to be working for this president.”

    As a proud Gonzaga Bulldog, Chris is excited to organize in Spokane and has met many good Obama supporters excited about organizing and getting involved.

    Chris and his close-knit team of organizers cover a large area geographically, so they use social media as an effective organizing tool. Via Twitter, they send out photos and updates on phone banking, canvassing, and team meetings to create a sense of community among the volunteers.

    The excitement in Chris’ voice is obvious when he talks about the challenge of organizing teams for the first time in a new area:

    “Eastern Washington is an interesting battleground right now. I’m very optimistic.”

    Visit Chris at our Spokane HQ, or any of our other Eastern Washington offices, by finding your local office.