• Marching to Victory


    Stephanie doesn't volunteer often for campaigns, but she knew that she just couldn't sit this one out. And she wasn't deterred when it rained her first weekend out - "You make the commitment, and you just do it."

    She was rewarded for her commitment, when she found people thankful and appreciative of her hard work:

    "I had one guy come back after me and ask - 'Stephanie, can I come back and volunteer, how would I do that?' I think people like to know that people are there talking to them - that it's real people out there doing it."

    Not only that -- She has found that volunteering is good for her physical health as much as her mental health.

    "It feels good, it's fun, and this is a good way to get some exercise!"

    Stephanie volunteered for the first time two weeks ago. Now she’s out there as much as possible, helping get out the vote. Are you a first-time volunteer too? Join supporters like Stephanie and get some exercise in at a canvassing event near you.