• For education and job creation

    Erin, an organizing fellow, will greet you at the door to the Vancouver field office with a quick smile before hurriedly instructing you to make calls. As a middle school teacher, she knows how to get volunteers on task. Friendly, communicative, and direct, she has helped make phone banking in Vancouver successful.

    Erin volunteer feature photo

    Volunteering for OFA is a family affair for her family. Erin’s husband Ray is a phone bank captain, and three of their children have canvassed and phone banked.

    “It’s always been part of what we do together. We’re doing this for education and job creation,” Erin said.

    Erin articulates the challenges of No Child Left Behind, and the need for educational reform as motivating factors for why she volunteers.

    “We’ll get our students ready for high school, but we need flexibility,” she said. The middle school where she teaches has a high poverty rate and a large immigrant population.

    On a more personal note, Erin discusses her family’s economic hardships, after her husband lost his job last year.

    “Ray’s been out of work since August. He’s an accountant with a Master’s degree,” she said. “We need job creation. Really, we know that top-down economics doesn’t work. We need a strong middle class.”

    Erin and her family believe Pres. Obama will work to improve education and strengthen the middle class with job creation.

    “If there’s no middle class, then there’s nothing,” she said.