• Barack Obama is Right for Students and the Economy

    Zach Barker

    I’m in for Barack Obama because he saved our country from the brink of collapse and put us on the road to recovery. Families are still hurting, students are still struggling, but President Barack Obama has worked like no other to strengthen the middle class and provide securities for struggling Americans. His policies have led to the creation of over 4.5 million jobs and have helped small businesses flourish. While his opponent would propose tax cuts for the rich, Barack Obama has actually cut taxes for middle-class families. He has inspired consumer confidence, and as a student who will enter the workforce in a few years, I need a President who is committed to strengthening our economy and protecting our rights.

    That President is Barack Obama.

    When he doubled the funding for federal Pell Grants, he demonstrated his commitment to students and to securing our futures. When he became the first President to voice support for marriage equality, he proved his dedication to advancing the civil rights of all our citizens, and when he signed the Lily-Ledbetter Act, he showed he truly valued women and women’s rights.

    I know I can have a better future with Barack Obama leading our country. I know I can have a better four years with Barack Obama. I know we need to reelect President Barack Obama if we are to continue on the path to recovery.