• Barack Obama Is A President With A Global Commitment

    Simone Vellucci

    In the last four years, President Obama has been the only global leader who has challenged the policies that have continued to worsen the Euro-zone crisis and, accordingly, American growth. His administration has put America back to work and today, both Americans and Europeans need his leadership to go forward.

    I am not surprised to say I am proud of studying in a great nation such as this – a country that, since 2008, has been admired and respected anew in the world as a symbol of democracy, freedom, and prosperity.

    President Obama believes that every person, regardless of their social condition, might have the equal opportunity to pursue their aspirations, express their talent, and achieve their personal goals. And so, even though I am an Italian exchange student and will not be able to vote in this election, I encourage everyone who can to support President Obama.

    I know I’ll be doing everything I can to support the President who has been committed to the world and to the United States since his first day in office.