• Barack Obama Gives Me Hope I Can Achieve My Dreams

    Joshua M

    From the day I turned eight, I dreamed of going to Stanford, of being trained as a neurosurgeon. Unfortunately, with the rapidly rising costs of higher education, there is no way I can make it on my own – not even for a year. Student loans are my only viable option and we cannot afford to elect someone like Mitt Romney who would slash options for and gut federal programs.

    That’s why we need to reelect President Obama. Barack Obama’s efforts to increase funding for higher education and to stop interest rates from rising offers me hope that I can one day be able to afford my dreams.

    We’re not all born rich, and Barack Obama doesn’t promise to make us millionaires. But he does promise to give us a shot, to help us achieve our dreams, and to empower us so we can go out and build our future.

    I need someone who advocates for me and for students. That man is Barack Obama, and we need to commit our voices to him.