• A Reminder to Vote is a Phone Call Away


    Although Blossom hasn’t volunteered for a campaign since her 30s, she decided to get involved this year because she knows this election matters.

    In 2004, 86-year old Blossom recalls saying “that man should be President.” Now, eight years later she has the opportunity to get involved once again.

    And she isn’t sitting on the sidelines.

    “You can’t just lie back and do nothing. Life is a challenge and a fight. We need to fight for the kind of life and world we want to have.”

    The President is fighting for a better future for all Americans and there’s still time to get involved to make sure he has four more years. It’s easy as making a few phone calls or knocking a few doors, and it's what will help win this election and continue to move Washington forward.

    Sign up for a shift today!