• A Call From President Obama

    Dr. Wiebe

    Like President Obama, Dr. Wiebe is committed to service. A retired physician and a volunteer with Organizing for America, Dr. Wiebe’s service was acknowledged at the highest level when he received a phone call from our president, thanking him for his hard work.

    “I was just getting ready to go to the campaign office and the phone rang. A man said, ‘Mr. Wiebe, can you wait for President Obama?’ A few minutes later, the president came on and said how deeply appreciative he was for what we’re doing for this campaign. He told us not to leave anything on the playing field,” recounted Dr. Wiebe of the phone call.

    Dr. Wiebe said the call lasted 10-15 minutes, and there was time for participants to ask questions, though he chose not to. He said he was calm during the call, but when it was over he felt emotional.

    “It just struck me the chances of getting a phone call from the President of the United States!” Dr. Wiebe said enthusiastically.

    Dr. Wiebe has volunteered for President Obama regularly this year because he believes in the Affordable Care Act. Decades working as a physician have shown him how dire the need for this legislation is, and how critical it is to protect it by voting for Democratic candidates this election season.

    “When you’re working in the free clinic you see the consequences of not having universal health care coverage. The waiting room is always full and everyone is there because they don’t have insurance,” Dr. Wiebe said. “I think overwhelmingly people are starting to see how popular this (Affordable Care Act) is.”

    Dr. Wiebe is adamant everyone must turn in their ballots. The outcome of this election will have lasting consequences, and it’s up to all of us to make sure the result will be to continue moving forward by reelecting President Obama.

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