• Thurston County GPS Leads to Three New Neighborhood Teams

    Thurston County volunteers met on Monday this week to develop strategies for the 2012 campaign. After a short introduction, the group of 22 quickly formed three teams and began sharing information about the demographics of their area and neighborhood resources that would help them in their work. "I loved seeing the teams just sit right down and get on it," said Cheri H., Team Leader of the newly formed Lacey Neighborhood Team.

    Thurston GPS2

    We are organizing our teams of volunteers for a number of reasons. First, we know from evidence that teams spread volunteer strengths across a given area, they empower volunteers to take more ownership over a project, and they help volunteers feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

    Each of the teams representing Lacey, West Olympia and “Out of Towners” now form Team Thurston! Each team chose a leader, and each team member committed to a role whether it was Data Captain, Phone Captain, College Outreach Captain or more! They chose dates and themes for house meetings, team meetings, phone banks and other events coming up. They agreed to a training date to give them basic skills they would need as OFA volunteers.

    The enthusiasm and energy were contagious. When asked how to attribute this high level of motivation, Nancy M. of the Olympia Team said, "This means the start of getting President Obama elected --and being a part of it!"

    Hats off to my fellow Thurston County Volunteers!

    If you’d like to find out more about how we organize in teams of volunteers or to be involved in an existing team or to help start a new one, come to an upcoming GPS session in your area by looking for events here