• “This weekend: Let’s get out there”

    Vice President Joe Biden sent this message to supporters today:

    This Saturday and Sunday, something big is happening—and I'm counting on you to join in.

    Fellow supporters across the country are going to be out in their communities and knocking on doors, registering people to vote.

    It's one of the most powerful ways you can make a difference, and it should be one of the biggest weekends of action we're organizing this spring.

    When I was getting started in politics, I registered my fair share of voters. I can tell you: It couldn't be more important. We're going after every single vote, which means we have a lot of people to register between now and November 6th.

    And while you're out talking with people, you can strike up a conversation about the issues that matter most to them—like having quality health care and a stronger economy—and let them know about some of the things we've done to make them happen.

    Barack and I are working hard to make this country better for you, your families, and future generations—and millions of Americans are counting on us to continue this work. But we can't do it alone.

    Say you'll make it out to register voters this weekend.

    Let's do this,


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