• Some more about your numbers

    Messina shared the great news with supporters this morning: in its first three months, 552,462 people decided to own a piece of this organization. Overall, with the DNC, the combined effort raised more than $86 million during this crucial early period. You should watch the full briefing here if you haven't yet.

    Folks have been asking lots of follow-up questions about the numbers, and there will be more than 15,000 pages of detail when we file our report on Friday with the answers (unlike many of the outside special-interest groups attacking President Obama, who don't disclose anything at all).

    But we've been able to do a little digging and math today to pull a few other interesting facts beyond what Jim already shared in the video:

    • First-time donors: One of the most exciting things we've learned as we go through the numbers is that of the 552,462 people who made a donation to the campaign, more than 260,000 of them were brand new to the Obama organization. They joined hundreds of thousands more who had given to the 2008 campaign to own a piece of this organization in its critical first few months. This reflects what we see in the field with our volunteers: a combination of folks who have been engaged in the past and new people hungry to be a part of building this campaign from the ground up.
    • Combined Obama campaign and DNC average donation: The average donation to Obama for America was about $69. But lots of folks are also wondering about the average donation for the combined effort for the Obama campaign and the DNC. So here's that: the $86 million came from more than 980,000 contributions for an average donation of about $88 for the combined effort. It's important to note that when we're talking about the 552,462 people that those are only the people who gave to Obama for America—they made more than 680,000 contributions, for an average donation of $69 to the campaign. (It's tough to get an accurate number of people giving to the combined effort because the campaign and the DNC are two separate entities, with two separate databases of donors—transactions and dollars are easy to total up between the two of them, but counting unique people across two organizations is hard because many individual people make donations to both.)

    Of course, the most impressive number is still 552,462 people making a donation to the campaign. Each one of those people made a decision to step up and own a piece of this campaign, and each one has a story about why they did. You'll continue to read those stories here on the blog, and over on Twitter we're asking donors who gave this quarter to tweet their story as well using the hashtag #550k.

    Thanks for all that you're doing—if you want to keep this momentum going, you can help here.