• Snowflake Profiles: What’s in a name?

    The Madtown O’s can tell you! After 2008, the “2D-Yellow” team continued to meet and felt empowered to stay involved in the Madison community, but the name didn’t quite fit anymore. So, they threw it out in favor of something more appropriate.

    They felt the call to help support President Obama and to support other local candidates and issues, so, they decided on the name Madtown O’s– meaning the Organizers. They shared the president’s belief in organizing and wanted to impact lasting change. Many of the original team members still have leadership positions on the team and have grown to become an organizing force.

    Since their work together in 2008, they’ve seen their share of ups and downs. They made phone calls to support the Affordable Care Act in 2009. Over the last few years, they’ve worked to support other candidates in local elections, as well as local initiatives. Now they’re busy registering voters and talking to their neighbors about voting on Election Day. They have phone banks each week to recruit for the weekend’s events and make sure to delegate responsibilities to everyone.

    Neighborhood Team Leader Eric S. talks about how the team grew and the valuable lessons they learned as a team.

    My advice to new teams is to make reminder calls. That’s the one best practice that has helped our team grow and be successful. We never do an event without reminder calls.

    Each week they make sure to do recruitment and reminder calls, because the flake rate goes down and they are more successful with their events each week. They also make sure to have a meeting facilitator to ensure they get through everything on their meeting agendas.

    Teams like the “O’s” don’t just happen overnight. They are built through the time and passion of core team members, and together they have built a snowflake model that will only continue to grow.

    Do you have friends or neighbors that are active in your community or want to make a difference?

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