• Sioux Falls Grassroots Training Session

    On November 17th, Organizing for America-South Dakota held a grassroots training session in Sioux Falls. Team Leader Hannah P. led the training, which focused on how supporters can organize events such as house parties and phone banks. One attendee was a 15-year-old high school student named Mike D. who impressed the group with how informed he was on the issues and the GOP candidates. It was very inspirational to see a young man who cannot even vote at the training trying to do what he can to help re-elect the President. He also stayed after the training and did some calls to talk to his neighbors about being “in” for 2012. The age range of attendees spanned from 15 to over 60, displaying the broad support for the campaign across South Dakota. Sioux Falls grassroots training sessions meet at 6PM every Thursday and hold a phone bank from 7-9 to urge other supporters to join the campaign. Everyone is welcomed and there are many ways to help. We are less than a year out to Election Day and the time to get involved is now.