• President Obama Calls for an AIDS-Free Generation

    President Obama is pledging an extra $50 million in funding for the treatment and care of HIV/AIDS patients in the United States. Speaking at the (RED)/ONE Campaign World AIDS Day event in Washington, D.C. this morning, the President announced:

    We’re committing an additional $15 million for the Ryan White program that supports care provided by HIV medical clinics across the country. Let’s keep their doors open so they can keep saving lives. And we’re committing an additional $35 million for state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs.

    Because here’s the thing: this is a global fight, one that America must continue to lead. Look back at the history of HIV/AIDS and you’ll see that no other country has done more than us. That’s testament to our leadership as a country. Look back and you’ll see that both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have consistently come together to fund this fight. Not just here, but around the world.

    We can beat this disease. We can win this fight. We just have to keep at it, today, tomorrow, and every day until we get to zero. And as long as I have the honor of being your President, that’s what we’re going to keep doing. That’s my pledge—my commitment—to you. And that has to be our promise to each other, because we have come so far; we have saved so many lives. Let’s finish the fight.

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