• President Obama Accepts Nomination, Kicks Off Weekend of Action

    The face(s) of change

    As crowds amassed at watch parties throughout state yesterday, we prepared for what we knew would be an inspiring speech by President Obama. Primed by Vice President Biden who had us cheering at times, laughing at others and riled by the rally cry of “We have no intention of downsizing the American Dream,” we cheered as President Obama took the stage.

    Nodding, hooting and clapping at every punctuated point of the speech, the crowd paid strict attention. In a call-response manner, members of the audience exclaimed “Yes, that’s right!” when he spoke of the economy, taxation and the Republican platform, which would send us backwards.

    “My fellow citizens, you were the change,” said Pres. Obama of his first term, which caused a ripple of energy to go through the crowd.

    “Our road is [long] – but we travel it together.  We don’t turn back.  We leave no one behind.  We pull each other up.  We draw strength from our victories, and we learn from our mistakes,” the President said to thunderous applause.

    After his speech, volunteers eagerly signed up for canvassing events throughout the weekend, talking excitedly amongst themselves about the significance of this election.

    “I don’t want us to go backwards with healthcare and ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” one Fall Fellow said.

    “I’m in because apathy won’t get the job done,” another remarked. “We have to convince everyone to vote.”

    Bustling around the room was Karen, a local phone bank captain. Signing people in and asking folks to sign-up for an event, she kept the focus of the room on volunteerism for the campaign.

    “This is the most crucial election of my lifetime,” Karen said. “When you get to be my age, you vote on behalf of your children.”

    This weekend, Karen and other watch party-goers will have an event to capitalize on the energy of President Obama’s speech. With events across the state, we’re fired up.

    Are you ready to go?

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