• One Day To Register!

    Register to Vote

    Haven’t registered to vote? Planning on participating in this election? Today is the last day to register online and with our volunteers, so if you see a clipboard or you have a moment, make sure you take the time to fill out your registration form!

    Already registered? Let your friends know they too need to vote this November. We are approaching one of the most significant elections in our lifetimes, one that will decide the direction this country will take, and we can’t afford to have anyone sitting on the sidelines.

    We all have our reasons for supporting Barack Obama this year. This is a President who has worked tirelessly to strengthen our economy, to engage in dialogue with neighboring powers, and to ensure we have a country whose actions lie in tandem with its ideals. This is a President who we can trust, who has shown he can make the difficult decisions and be the leader we need. This is a President who, for our continued prosperity as a country, we must reelect.

    I know you, like me, know what makes Barack Obama a great President. I know you, like me, want to see America prosper, and I know you, like me, will work to make sure we have registered as many people to vote as we can in the few hours that remain.

    So what are you doing reading this piece? Let’s get out there, and register some voters!