• Standing up for Pres. Obama

    Back in 2008, I was working as a scenic artist and painter in Oregon. I had opinions, I shouted at politicians on TV and I voted for President Obama—but I never thought of being involved in a political campaign.

    Linda O. & Christian E. When I eventually returned to Nevada, I found both the economy and the value of my home in free-fall. In my line of work, the jobs had dried up in town, I had no insurance and couldn't afford to pay for COBRA.

    I thought I would be able to find private insurance, but it turned out that both my husband and I were rejected for pre-existing conditions. For the first time in more than 25 years, I had no insurance, and even if I could afford it, I couldn't buy it.

    My job is a physical one, and I’ve long taken pride in being a foreman, someone who could not only do the same hard, physical work the men could, but someone who could manage and lead them as well. Unfortunately, an injury on the job a few years back destroyed my ankle and left my medical future uncertain at best.

    In 2009, I remember the health care debate raging on and on, and I remember agonizing over every twist and turn because I knew what the outcome could mean for me, my husband, and all those face with similar circumstances.

    Linda O. gets down to organizingThankfully, pre-existing conditions like mine were dealt with specifically under health care reform. This means I can no longer be turned down for coverage simply because of my arthritic ankle.

    This is what made me realize I had to get involved. Not only to protect and improve on health care reform, but to protect and improve all the progress that’s been made for all Americans over the last three years.

    You and I are going to elect Democrats and get this country back on track. We can't waste the talent and intelligence we have in President Obama or the talent and intelligence we have within ourselves because we didn't throw ourselves into the fight.

    Because the TV doesn’t answer back, if we want things to change, that part is up to us.

    Come work with talented organizers like Linda for change in your community. You can join the campaign at any of our offices in the state of Nevada.

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