• Meet Jon Carson: He's putting you in charge

    “It’s an honor to be a part of this family and this movement for change. I want to tell you my story and why I believe in you.”

    —Jon Carson, Director of Organizing for Action

    Talking to supporters for the first time since taking on his new role as director of Organizing for Action, Jon Carson talked about what the next phase of OFA will look like:

    “We need to take lessons and ideas from the 2012 campaign to fight for issues.

    “The agenda is simple. We know what we have before us. It’s a simple question what do we want our federal government to do?

    “We know that it is time to reform our immigration system and gun control. There undoubtedly will be local ballots that you will want to be a part of.”

    And, he’s putting you in charge:

    “The most fun thing to think about is what this organization will look like. We’ve seen over the last six years that the strength of this movement is in our team leaders. We’re putting you in charge.

    “Here’s the offer: We have tools to support you, and connections to the administration. We’re going to challenge you to lead and organize it. We’re going call it chapters. Let you open chapters across the country.

    "You’re here to decide what our organization is going to look like. You're here to ask, ‘how do we transition from this election to the next level of issue organizing?’”

    “As we stand here in early 2013, it reminds me of 2007. We know what we have to get done. We believe in each other.”

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