• Make Sure the Last Four Years Don’t Stop Here

    Olivia is a theater tech graduate from North Carolina—and she’s also a donor to this campaign.

    “I started supporting President Obama during his first campaign in 2007. I believed then, and I believe now, that supporting President Obama is the right way to go for America. It’s important to make sure that the last four years don’t stop here.”

    Olivia is pursuing a career in technical theater. She’s interested in where art and technology meet, and she doesn’t think either can flourish if we turn back the clock:

    “The best art, for me, comes from when we’re equal, and we’re able to sit down together and look at both our history and our present. The more equality we have, the more we pave the way for great minds. I’m going to go out there and try to get conversations started.”

    Olivia is one of the over one million people who have donated to this campaign, pitching in whatever they can afford and helping to make sure we're starting 2012 strong. Sign up to say you’re in to re-elect President Obama this November.