• “I see winners!”

    Campaign Manager Jim Messina took a look back at what we've achieved since 2007, and what's next:

    “I see winners. You know you guys changed American politics forever.

    “As you may have read in the paper we won with 332 electoral votes. The most important thing we could do now is ask our people what we should do next. We heard from over one million people. Over 10% of survey responders want to run for office. Two-thirds of respondents said they want to stay with the organization and want to work on the president’s agenda.

    “The next step of this organization will concentrate on issues. Issue organizing is a different kind of organizing. With issue organizing, we get to focus on people’s passions.

    “You came to this campaign because you wanted things to get done. Now, there’s no end date. It’s harder. You now know most of your neighbors and most of them still like you. If you’re an NTL this is your baby and it’s going to be up to you to get this done. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

    “We’ve seen a few iterations of OFA. Now it’s time for Organizing for Action.

    “We are going to work every single day to pass comprehensive legislation to move this country forward. When we looked at who should run this, we remembered this guy who ran the campaign in 2008 and went on to work in the White House. Jon Carsonis of the most committed organizers I’ve ever met. He’s going to build this organization and continue to build this movement of change. I’m even more excited about what’s next.”

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