• Huge news

    For months now, we’ve known that Mitt Romney and the Republicans were outraising us badly. But little by little, grassroots supporters have been closing the gap—and in August, we did something amazing: we beat them.

    • In August, 1,170,000 Americans donated, with more than 317,000 donating for the first time.

    • Nearly 98% of the donations last month were $250 or less, for an average of $58.31.

    • Together, we raised $114 million in August—compared to Romney and the Republicans' $111 million.

    • A total of 3,142,457 people have donated to this campaign since April 2011.

    This is a testament to the power of our grassroots organization: we now know that we can match the other side, doing this our way.

    But they’re going to have an even bigger September, so make a donation today to keep the gap closed for another month.