• “How this ends”

    A message from President Obama to supporters this morning:

    We got outraised pretty badly in the first half of this month by Mitt Romney and the Republicans, giving them a $45 million edge on us.

    I'll be honest with you. We don't know what kind of impact it will have in the final days of a tight race, but we still have time to fight back and make sure it will not be a decisive factor in this election.

    Right now, I need you to make a donation to close the gap and finish strong.

    I know I've asked a lot of you.

    No matter how this ends, on Election Night I'll get up on stage and thank you for all the time and effort and hard-earned dollars you've put into this. But I also want to be able to tell our country that our hard work paid off and that we will continue moving forward for four more years.

    Please donate whatever you can today.