• Helping Our Students and Our Schools

    President Obama’s jobs act will invest in school infrastructure and technology upgrades—and for Jeannette, a fifth grade teacher in California, those investments couldn’t come soon enough.

    "Our class shares one laptop, and it’s not in good shape. Our room clock is broken because the school can't afford to re-hire the repair person who usually fixes them—so for a while we all looked at our watches, until I bought one for the classroom. It’s a reminder that schools may have basic technology, but how will they maintain it and upgrade it? We’re all scratching our heads over how we’re going to do that financially."

    As a mother, Jeannette is also counting on the bill’s tax cuts for entrepreneurs to open up job opportunities for her children. Along with the President’s initiatives to reform student loans and make college more affordable, she hopes her sons will have a smooth transition from college to career:

    "I remember the boys' grandfathers telling me that when they returned from the war, the G.I. Bill helped them finish grad school. Then, after grad school, they didn’t have to look jobs: the jobs came looking for them.

    "I’m a single parent with three sons who are all getting higher degrees—one in mathematics, one in neck surgery, and one in cancer research. They’re well into their 20s, and we have all this educational debt we’re going to have to pay off, and I look ahead and I’m nervous about jobs for them. They’re definitely not getting as much help as their grandfathers got. You can’t make a better country if you don’t try to help your researchers and scientists.

    "This country belongs to all of us. We’re all going to hurt if we don't solve some of these problems."

    The American Jobs Act will provide a $25 billion investment in school infrastructure, upgrading technology and science facilities in schools while creating jobs. Learn more about the President’s plan here.