• Greg - A Superstar Phone Banker


    To say Greg is a superstar phone banker is to understate the reality. In 2008, Greg made made 10,000 calls himself for the Obama campaign and for Gov. Christine Gregoire.  In 2010, he made over 20,000 calls on behalf of Patti Murray.

    For his work, Greg was given a medal and an opportunity to see President Obama in person when he came to Seattle earlier this year.

    “I think he’s great,” Greg said of President Obama.

    Following the 2010 election cycle, Greg decided to retire from phone banking. How could he possibly make more than 20,000 calls in a single election?  But as campaign season geared up, he couldn't resist the call to campaign.  He began to come in to the Spokane office and was immediately recognized as a titan of phone banking.

    Greg made over 2,000 calls in the last five days before the Primary election. After that, he pledged a mind boggling 25,000 calls before November 6.

    Already, Greg has reached nearly 1/5 of his goal for this cycle. He comes in Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm to make calls.  He sits at his reserved computer, and works for 12 straight hours, breaking only briefly to indulge in his favorite lunch: a two piece combo meal from KFC.

    Always smiling and in a great mood, he regularly asks for updates on how he is doing versus other callers in the state.  However, the contest is usually not between Greg and another caller; it's between Greg and another region.  For now, Greg's single day call record is 716, and our money says he'll beat that soon.

    Greg shows us how much of an impact a single volunteer can have on an election, so if you haven’t yet gotten involved and you have some time, check out our events page and find an event near you. And if you are already involved, we have less than two months in this election: let’s make sure we win.