• Four Years


    Four years ago today, Barack Obama secured the Democratic nomination for President.

    Since that time, we have seen Osama Bin Laden brought to justice, the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the historic repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. We have seen our country put on the road to recovery from the largest economic collapse since the great depression and we have seen our government pass the first real health reform in over four decades. We have seen the betterment of society, both at home and abroad.

    To many, four years seems a lifetime ago. It was a college education seen to completion, a child’s first steps to their first days of school, and an Olympics come and gone.

    But to others, four years was but another moment. How many of us remember the cheers, the tears of joy, the energy of that moment four years ago?

    I do. I remember it because I see it again today. I look back on these past four years and I see the progress we've made and the leader who’s helped us along the path: Barack Obama, our nation’s first African American president and our first leader who had the courage to voice his support for marriage equality. Today more than ever I am reminded of the urgency. There are just 69 days until the Election. Sixty-nine days until we reelect the man who fought for our rights, who promised us choice when the opposition sought to deny it, and who offered us hope for a better way.

    Today, the Republicans convene their national convention where they will nominate Mitt Romney for President. Mitt Romney, an out-of-touch conservative who has promised to go back on the progress we've made in the past four years.

    We’ve travelled too far to stop now; we can’t afford to go back. We must reelect President Obama.