• Letter of the Week: A Fighter

    Following this week's landmark Supreme Court decision we've been blown away by stories from people sharing what Obamacare means to them. These letters are a powerful reminder of what this movement is all about.

    Dear President Obama,

    I am a single Dad. I am HIV+ and my young son lives with me. I am his sole support. I am self employed and my medications cost $2,685 per month—excluding labs and office visits.

    I am a heterosexual, working class man—dispelling the truth that few people know. HIV does not discriminate—nor has sexual preferences. I know the personal pain of discrimination, hate and intolerance—the "look."

    On the morning of the Supreme Court ruling, I got on my knees next to my bed, head in hands and prayed that God would guide Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court in the right way.

    Mr. President, I am a fighter like you and I'll fight on—but you have given me hope for my son which means more to me than my life.

    I know there's no way to adequately thank you, but please accept a donation of $50 — $25 on behalf of myself and $25 on behalf of my son.

    With eternal gratitude,