• Don't Stop Believing

    Last Saturday, spring fellows from across the state gathered at the OFA-VA headquarters in Richmond, Virginia for our Spring Organizing Fellows Training. A day filled with group activities, outdoor field work and indoor training can be tiring, but you can not beat the cause! During this day, we talked a lot about what has been accomplished during this first term to ensure an equal playing—and paying—field for everyone, including women and the LGBT community. Aside from that, just look at the progress made in January alone, where 243,000 jobs were created. We’re making good progress, but all this is on the line this November.

    That’s where spring fellows play a role. I think I can speak for the other fellows when I say that we don’t volunteer for the recognition or the self-pride. We volunteer as spring fellows because we owe it to one another and to our country. We’ve learned a lot from this Saturday’s training and we will do whatever it takes to organize our communities once again to keep Virginia in the blue.

    We’re in this together and we won’t stop believing.

    Volunteer at your local OFA office. Sign up today and help us keep Virginia blue.