• Barack Obama Stands by our Teachers and for our Students

    Andrew Taylor

    I’m in for Barack Obama because he’s in for education. As the son of two educators myself, I was raised to understand the importance of school and why it's imperative we work to invest not only in our students, but in our teachers. Without teachers to work with our upcoming generation, our country would have little hope of staying competitive in today’s world. I stand by Barack Obama because he stands by education, and has committed to investing in our country’s greatest asset: our teachers. Not only has this President improved teaching standards across the states, but he has worked tirelessly to keep good teachers in their classes where they belong, fighting for their jobs and investing in our futures.

    This is a President who stands for and by education. Teachers like my parents can look forward to a brighter future with Barack Obama, which means students like myself can count on receiving the best education from the best educators in the world.

    I’ve been engaged in the public school system all my life. I’ve seen how it empowers and enriches our lives. I know we cannot afford to cut funding and slash teacher pay, and Barack Obama does too. That’s why I got involved, and that’s why I’m fighting to reelect our President. Because when it comes down to it, teachers are the starting block that makes every race possible, and Barack Obama is committed to making sure they are top-notch, so students like myself can be even better.