• A quick look at the numbers with Jen, Marlon, and Mitch

    “I have the easiest part of this day. I get to talk about what we did: how the President became the first democrat since FDR to receive over 50% in two elections.

    —Jen O’Malley Dillon, Deputy Campaign Manager

    “On the campaign we had three goals. Everything we do has to revolve around, registration, persuasion and turnout. We honored that.

    “We collected 1.7m voter registrations because of you. The forms we collected exceeded the margin of victory in five states. Because of the work you guys did we were able to win.

    “The volunteers of this organization recruited 80% more volunteers than the organization did in 2008.”

    —Marlon Marshall, Deputy National Field Director

    “We won because we did a whole bunch of small things perfectly. We had a huge analytics team that tested everything. We made sure scripts and lists of voters would provide the biggest vote margin. We did and because of that, the conversations we had were much more impactful than the ones our opponents had.

    “We won because we took advantage of early vote. We exceeded what we did in ’08, making it almost impossible for the Romney Campaign to win on Election Day.”

    —Mitch Stewart, Battleground States Director