There is action we can take right now to combat climate change. OFA supporters are making progress through the dedicated, determined actions of real people.

Here are a few things you can do today to make an impact in the fight against climate change:

Call out climate change deniers

More than 130 members of Congress still deny the reality of climate change. The science is clear—we can't afford to wait. Look up a denier today, and tell them it's time to act on climate.

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Add your name to support carbon pollution standards

President Obama's new EPA carbon pollution standards are a huge, necessary step to fight climate change. Add your name to support these EPA standards and the President's aggressive climate plan.

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Commit to Switch to Clean

Even if Congress won't act on climate change, we can still make a big difference in our states and our communities. Join OFA's Switch to Clean program and be part of the team promoting clean energy at home.

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Tell your story of how climate change is affecting your community

The reality of climate change is more than statistics and figures—it's having an impact on the lives of real people. Add your voice and tell us how climate change affects you and your community.

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